Keys 1
Track vehicles on web platform in real time.
Keys 2
Fast data retrieval from centralize redundancy servers.
Keys 3
User friendly, web tracking with history reporting.
Keys 4
Support multi-languages.
Keys 5
User can login web platform at anywhere.

Solution of GPS Tracking System for Buses

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Buses always carry a lot of passengers, it bring a big effect to our society if something happened such as accident. In addition, the bus driver may not carry the passenger at the exactly period because the bus driver deliberately delay the time. At the same time, this situation will cause the hidden danger to our safety due to the bus driver over speeding when carry passengers, and not follow the driving route. No one can bear about this consequence.

With using our advanced GPS Tracking System and platform, we can easily know about the driving situation of the vehicle:

  • We can know whether the bus is over speeding or not, when is the bus driver over speeding and the location where the bus is speeding through our system. Every report can convert to a document. This will reduce the unnecessary costs of the bus company such as speeding ticket.
  • The precise data of entire journey will let us clear about such as time, date, position(longitude and latitude), address, speed, altitude, direction, alarm type and many more.
  • We can know when is the bus is moving and when is the bus is stopping(parking). The data will let us know the time and the location of the bus when stopping. The advantages of this report is we will know whether the bus driver is working in accordance of the time. For example, a bus can only stop for 30 minutes for the most during the journey, but the bus driver deliberately stop for 1 hour to delay the time. So we can easily to solve this situation with our system.
  • We can check every driving distance and route with our system. The kilometers of journey and the driving route will show in the report data. With this report, we can know whether the bus driver is follow the driving route or not so that it can reduce the unnecessary costs such as fuel.