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Track vehicles on web platform in real time.
Keys 2
Fast data retrieval from centralize redundancy servers.
Keys 3
User friendly, web tracking with history reporting.
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Support multi-languages.
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User can login web platform at anywhere.

Fuel Level Sensor

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The price of the fuel is more expensive than before, so there is more and more case of fuel stolen from vehicle that we can read from news and newspaper. The target of the thieves aiming normally is trailer or truck because the fuel tank of those vehicles is built at exterior and it is easy to steal, and mostly who steal the fuel is the staff because they are not easy been suspected. Truck and trailer are using diesel to operate, and the price of the diesel is almost same like the price of the petrol. The way of the thieves to steal the diesel is normally open the tank cover and pump out the diesel. Therefore the the loss of the trailer company can be thousand of Ringgit even million of Ringgit every month. Some trailer fuel tank can even fill up RM500 of diesel, imagine that a worker steal 10% of the diesel a day which is RM50, and the trailer company have 50 trailers, this means that trailer company will loss RM75,000 a month and loss RM900,000 a year!

Through install our product and using our advanced system, the trailer company absolutely can save up hundred thousand of Ringgit a year. We can check the fuel level with easy way, just log in to our platform website and we will know the remain fuel level of the trailer along by period.

For example, the fuel level of a trailer remain at 60% at 6:00pm, but it drop to 30% after 5 minutes. This means that the fuel has been stolen because it drop a lot of level of fuel by the short period.